Date Events
1991 In April, Simon Yip, Jeffrey Lee, Benjamin Ngai, Cary Tsang and Michael Liang , formed a new band with an aim to spread the good news of God. The band had no name at the time.
1991 In May, the band had their first performance at North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church (NTCBC). A CoffeeHouse known as "The Big Guy Upstairs" held by Carmel Fellowship. Since the band had no name at the time, the host introduced them as "The Band".
1991 In August, Simon, Benjamin, Cary and Michael entered the AFC Youth Singing Contest. They won the "Group" Division of the competition with Beyond's hit "願我能"
1991 In October, performed at NTCBC's Zion Fellowship Evangelistic Meeting - 我們就是這樣長大的. They start performing as "The Vessels".
1992 Performed at NTCBC's Zion Fellowship Graduation Dinner.
1992 Performed at NTCBC's Carmel Fellowship Parents Night. Joined by Simon's brother Sammy Yip as lead singer in a few songs.
1992 Performed at Toronto Logo Chinese Baptist Church's High School Fellowship Evangelistic Meeting, known as 愛的真諦.
1992 In July, performed at East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church Timothy Fellowship's Coffee House. Performed most of the songs in English.
1992 In August, performed at NTCBC's Carmel Fellowship Graduation Dinner.
1992 In August, performed at the Toronto Christian Softball League Banquet
1992 In August, Simon's high school buddy, Terence "Holo" Leung, arrived in Canada. The talented songwriter was introduced to the rest of Vessels.
1992 In October, performed at NTCBC's Mission Festival - English Evangelistic Meeting
1992 Jeffrey bought his first bass guitar and started playing it
1993 Cary Tsang left Vessels in early part of 1993.
1994 Guest Guitar player Newman joined Vessels in a few performances during 1993.
1994 In June, Simon and Terence performed at NTCBC's Music Night. Vessels members were introduced to more of Terence's original songs.
1994 In July, Terence recorded 豪情集, a tape with over 15 of his original songs. This tape introduced even more original songs to the church and to members of Vessels.
1994 In October, performed at NTCBC's Mission Festival - Chinese Evangelistic Meeting. Performed two original songs by Terence during the meeting.
1994 In October, performed in an EM called 夢醒時分. It is organized by NTCBC''s Zion and Carmel Fellowship while Simon is the chairperson. Rev. John Fung of Brampton Chinese Baptist Church was the speaker. They performed two original songs by Terence during the meeting.
1994 Jeffrey started to take bass lessons with Garfield, a former HK Tom Lee guitar teacher
1995 In January, Zion made its debut in entered the Ambassador for Christ (AFC) - Join Colleges Evangelistic Meeting (JCEM) at Medical Hall, University of Toronto. The band played 4 original songs and 1 cover song that evening.
1995 Jeffrey was graduated in June 1995, UT Engineering
1995 Recognizing the needs of different instruments in the band, Simon decided to learn drums to enrich Zion's musical performance.
1995 In September, held its first ever concert at Missisaga Chinese Baptist Church. It was played as a fellowship program in the church's storage facility. The band attracted an energetic crowd of about 75.
1995 September: Zion faced the first test of separation. Benjamin has to leave Toronto from which he has to practice medicine in Hamilton. The test was overcome easily and the band played on, although Benjamin had to get used to driving! :)
1995 During later part of 1995, Terence decided to relocate back to HK to pursue a new career.
1996 In January and February, organized their first ever Musical Evangelistic Tour, known as "Fragile 小心輕放". Performed at Bridal Trail Baptist Church, Waterloo Chinese Alliance Church and NTCBC within 10 days. Performed over an hour of music and sharing each night.
1996 In February, Terence headed back to Hong Kong.
1996 Feb 25 Zion first appeared in a "Sing Tao Newspaper" magazine interview
1996 In June, Terence stopped by Toronto for a week. Zion performed at a Church Sunday Service for the first time ever at NTCBC's English Service. After Terence departure, the band performed in 3 other services within NTCBC during June and July.
1996 In December, Terence had his Christmas vacation in Toronto. Zion held its second concert at Markham Chinese Community Church (MCCC) with an audience of 130. The concert hinted worries of the band possibly breaking up after Terence long departure.
1996 Just two days after their concert, Zion performed at the Eastern Canada Chinese Christian Winter Conference. (ECCCWC) The one-hour program was a celebration of the ECCCWC's 25th anniversary. The band performed in front of an audience of about 500.
1997 In May, performed at "哥非加池", and event organized by Breakthrough Mission Canada. The event was held at Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute and witnessed by an audience of 800. During the promotion period of the event, Zion's music was played on radio and TV station for the first time. The song 二等小子 was played as part of the promo for a special Four part TV series of Fairchild TV Station called "HK 97 新時代".
1997 In June, when Michael was on vacation in HK, the rest of Zion were joined by Dr. Johnny Chan to perform at a special event called: 加港聯 - 97回歸 at Markham Village, Markham, ON.
1997 In August, performed at Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church's (RHCCC) MAZE Event.
1997 In October, performed at MCCC's Evangelistic Meeting, known as ???
1997 Also in October, performed at NTCBC's Ezekiel Fellowship Evangelistic Meeting, known as "舊唱片".
1997 In November, performed at RHCCC's Mission London Evangelistic meeting at Weston University, London, ON.
1998 In March, performed at AFC-F.L.Y.'s event, known as 飛仔飛女嘉年華 at Pacific Mall, Markham, ON.
1998 In April, Zion started to work with Matt Davis for their first ever CD, at Sonic Bloom Studio in Toronto.
1998 On August 1st, Jeffrey Lee and Rebecca Tsang were married at Bridal Trail Chinese Baptist Church.
1998 1998 Zion was invited to sing in a wedding. They performed "是神的愛"
1998 Also in August, Zion held their third concert, ZiON NOiZ 98, at Dr. Norman Bethune C.I. The band official renamed as ZiON NOiZ.
1998 In September, performed at 福音傳播's three-night Revival Meeting, known as "Copyright".
1998 First ever ZiON NOiZ CD Released on the ninth of October. 自畫藍圖
1999 ZiON NOiZ 拉闊校園 音樂派對 on Jan 24th
1999 Terence (Holo) and Michael performed in a Christian High School on Tuesday, March 30th, 1999. It is the morning meeting for Form 4 and Form 6 students.
1999 ZiON NOiZ has its own domain name! www.zionnoiz.com
1999 自畫藍圖 CD released in HK on June 20th.
1999 Pop Pop & Rock Rock Show on July 1st.
1999 July, Breakthrough released CD containing one ZNZ song and one ZNZ Concert video.
1999 August 24th: 150 crowd Music gathering at NTCBC basement.
1999 Michael, Holo and guest drummer Larry performed in 基督2000演藝人讚美音樂會 on Oct. 26th.
1999 Appeared in HK Cable TV "娛樂台" --- 神光2000 on Nov. 14.
1999 ZiON NOiZ wrote theme song for Christian movie 生命楂fit人 staring Athena Chu and Paul Wong of Beyond
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